Register Account

First head to:https://account.microsoft.com/profile, register a Microsoft account. If you already have one, you can skip this step and just login.

Apply for developer account

Then head to:https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/office/profile/ and login to apply for the developer account. Fill up the country, company name and language preference, then click Next

It will then ask you some questions about your working industry and area of interest. You can select base on your own situation.

After filling all up, click Next

Then select SET UP E5 SUBSCRIPTION;Choose your country, username, domain and password, click continue once finished. Fill your phone number and get the authorization code.

After set up, wait a moment then you will see your Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription has been activated.

Include Services

Microsoft 365 E5 subscription includes lots of services. Like Office 365 desktop program and Onedrive etc.

You can use your account end with onmicrosoft.com to login to:https://portal.office.com/ to manager your subscription.(Not your personal Microsoft account)


Microsoft 365 E5 only has 90 days of subscription by default. But it will renew automatically if you keep active development. In the next tutorial, I will show some free ways to maximize the probability to extent the subscription for free.

By default, the Onedrive only has 1T storage. You can change this up to 5T in:https://admin.onedrive.com/?v=StorageSettings

Video Tutorial



Last modification:December 19, 2020
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